Coming Out as gifted – in nutshell

There is a coming out process. As any such processes, It has a mourning like phase: denial (“They’ve made a mistake, that cannot be”), refusal (“I do not want this!”), depression (“My life is fucked up”), acceptation (“Just a part of myself, what can I do with it?”). The CO to others may happen at any of these phases. It is socially less important than a CO as LGBTetc, but it may be psychologically as much. Some won’t feel the need to talk about it, some will feel they have to tell it to choice people or in a wider way, some will let others guess by sending signs, some will simply make it their own and live it by letting others find their own way to deal with it.
In the end, you just realize it is nothing of importance – though, as any other deeply engraved piece of spontaneous behaviour, it is better to accept it and know how to deal with the corresponding narratives, which may not be proper mirror of what we are, and moreover which others might at first feel awkward with.

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