Coming Out as gifted — in nutshell

There is a com­ing out process. As any such process­es, It has a mourn­ing like phase: denial (“They’ve made a mis­take, that can­not be”), refusal (“I do not want this!”), depres­sion (“My life is fucked up”), accep­ta­tion (“Just a part of myself, what can I do with it?”). The CO to oth­ers may hap­pen at any of these phas­es. It is social­ly less impor­tant than a CO as LGBTetc, but it may be psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly as much. Some won’t feel the need to talk about it, some will feel they have to tell it to choice peo­ple or in a wider way, some will let oth­ers guess by send­ing signs, some will sim­ply make it their own and live it by let­ting oth­ers find their own way to deal with it.
In the end, you just real­ize it is noth­ing of impor­tance — though, as any oth­er deeply engraved piece of spon­ta­neous behav­iour, it is bet­ter to accept it and know how to deal with the cor­re­spond­ing nar­ra­tives, which may not be prop­er mir­ror of what we are, and more­over which oth­ers might at first feel awk­ward with.

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